OnCourse community is for service organisations to develop relationships that lead to significant customer referrals.

Q… How do we know membership of the OnCourse community works?
The largest referral between two group members was worth £1.6m.

Q… Who attends the OnCourse meetings?
Attendees are directors/partners from service organisations that have the ability and desire to give and receive customer introductions.

Q… What types of organisations are members of the OnCourse community?
Accountancy, Banks, Law, Insurance, Insolvency, Stockbroking, IT, Telecoms, etc, etc.

Q… How are member organisations selected for OnCourse groups?
Organisations are invited to become group members based on their ability to give and receive referrals.

Q… Can organisations try OnCourse?
Organisations can experience one of the meetings as a ‘Guest’ before making the decision to subscribe to membership. ‘Guest’ places are booked via http://www.eighty20.eventbrite.com

Q… When are the meetings?
Monthly meeting dates are listed via http://www.eighty20.eventbrite.com

Q… Where are the meetings held?
Eighty20 On Course meetings are held at local golf clubs to create a relaxed environment that enables productive relationships to be developed.

Q… Is experience of golf required?
Minimal!….. texas-scramble format means everyone in your four-ball is playing as a team.

Q… Format of meetings?
Informal!….. ‘informal’ relationship development in the clubhouse, followed by ‘informal’ relationship development during 9-holes of golf in a ‘texas-scramble’ group format, finally with ‘informal’ relationship development in the clubhouse.

Q… Flexibility of membership?
Yes, membership allows anyone from the organisation to attend.

Q… How do organisations pay?
Oncourse membership is paid by monthly subscription.

Q… Multiple group membership?
Yes, your organisation can take membership in multiple groups subject to availability.

Q… Sponsorship?
Yes, group sponsorship is available.

Q… Termination?
You can terminate at any time with only 7 days notice.

What next?
For more information contact us using any of the methods on the “Contact us” page.