Eighty20 Group was founded by Stephen Miller to enable ambitious organisations to create better profits, happier customers, and happier employees… and ideally to also enable better work-life balance for everyone.

Stephen’s early career was with large corporate organisations and latterly with small/medium businesses.

Stephen learnt that many businesses waste time and money doing things that have little impact on achieving their objectives, and also don’t invest in activities that have high impact. He learnt how to use the ‘80-20 rule‘ to achieve significantly better results.

2006 – Eighty20 brand was born.
2007 – launched our first OnCourse networking group.
2008 – launched our second OnCourse networking group.
2009 – launched our first Mastermind group.
2010 – launched our third OnCourse networking group.
2011 – Eighty20 became a Limited company.
2012 – commissioned to turnaround a regional networking group.
2013 – Eighty20 Group was formed.
2014 – launched the Mentoring service.
2015 – Regional networking group acknowledged as most successful in the UK.

What next?
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