Eighty20 Limited enables businesses to resource key roles at every stage of the business lifecycle.

We cover most scenarios, whether full-time or part-time, permanent or interim or temporary.

Finance professionals are a popular request… Finance Directors, Financial Controllers, Management Accountants, Financial Accountants, etc.

Eighty percent of results come from 20% of people. Which also means that 80% of people produce only twenty percent of results. Choose wisely.

The ’80-20 rule’​ is a key philosophy for us… so we put it in our company name… ‘Eighty20’​ Limited.

And of course we have been running the ‘Eighty20 On Course’​ community since 2007.

Want to know more about the ’80-20 rule’… take a look at our “80-20 rule” page.

What next?
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